February 26, 2013

Update on My Entry Foyer

I know I promised to start posting daily but life has been extremely hectic and every time I think I could get a break something happens... like ummm... all of my kids are home because two have a nasty stomach bug and one could get it at any second... Just saying! Anyway, some exciting news is that we have started our trim work and my favorite art prints by Cozamia are on a 25% off sale! The finished product is sooo near!

The inspiration photos for the trim in my entry foyer:

via Farrow and Ball's Inspiration book
The first-round mock up:

We are waiting on the chair rail piece that will go smack in the middle, the base piece is laying on the floor and the crown molding will be a little less heavy.  So, what do you think? I want input! advice! critiques!

As for Cozamia... One of these three will hang gloriously in my entry once we are done with the trim and painting (which is your favorite? I'm heavily leaning towards the third):

"Brittle Stars" click here for sizes and to purchase (don't forget to use code: cafe25)
"Night Peonies" click here for sizes and to purchase (don't forget to use code: cafe25)
"Color Migration" click here for sizes and to purchase (don't forget to use code: cafe25)

Paired with:

Edge Console Table


  1. Love love molding of any kind!!! Looks fantaatic! I am partial to the second but only bc I am not a bif=g fan of red so don't listen to me!!!:) The second is just more on the romantic side which I think al;ways pairs nicely with a lot of molding:) But I am not the decorator!!!! xx

    1. Totally agree about molding of any and all kinds being amazing!! I also am in love with the second print but think I might put that in the living room with a dark blue paint and a bit of a more romantic feel like you said :-) Thanks for the input girlie!

  2. Beautiful! Keep inspiring the rest of us!

    1. Thanks for the support and making me smile :-D

  3. I love the second and third prints!! Depends on what's going on the console table :)

    1. Believe me I can't wait to go shopping for the table and all the accessories :-D My first stop will def be ABC Carpet and Home. I just love their unique and gorgeous pieces!!