July 25, 2012

Same Hubby Second Wedding Party

I don't want a new hubby or to "renew my wedding vows" but I do want to create a whole new style for my second wedding.  I disliked my look and photos from the first wedding so much that seven years later I still don't have my wedding album.  The playlist would include all the songs I am loving now on the radio and anything else with high energy! Here are some looks I would incorporate in if I were to do it all over again (in my backyard haha).

Love the relaxed vibe of her hair style and gown
Perfectly simple
Elva Fields

The Tables:

Oh and all those who also have been waiting for take 2 of marriage no. 1 and are coming could wear their dream wedding dress :-D
Please tell me that I'm not the only crazy one!

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