May 16, 2012

Style by Your Zodiac Sign

If you're like me, your obsession with home design magazines and websites are causing left-brain-right-brain when it comes to decorating your own home. There are a million and one beautiful and different styles and sometimes I forget what my own is. One way to conquer that battle is to look at your astrological home style.

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I definitely am a believer in personalities matching zodiac signs.  For example, Libras (that would be me) follow the philosophy "Less is More," according to Paul Wade, author of Home Astrology. Uh yea!  I def love drama in a tasteful and minimalistic way! Have I said that yet?

Below are photos that help define my inner libra style!

Peonies, my favorite flower!

via Lonny Magazine, designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd

via Lonny Magazine

via Lonny Magazine

via Lonny Magazine

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