May 16, 2012

Live Large in Your Small Space

A close friend and an extremely talented interior designer, Ellie Liker, shares some tips on preventing small quarters from feeling cramped and underutilized. 

Me: There's an unwritten rule that a small room should be painted a light color.

Ellie: It's definitely a rule that could be broken. There's nothing wrong with using dark colors and graphic prints to create a cocoon-like and fun vibe. 

Sometimes just adding color on one wall is the perfect solution.

Powder rooms are the perfect place to go bold.

So chic!
Me: Storage is obviously an issue in tight quarters.

Ellie: That's why it's so important to come up with creative solutions to utilize every nook and cranny and to stay organized.

Always designate a spot for junk pile ups and magazines. 
Me: What advice can you give to someone that has a small living room and wants a cozy space with sufficient seating?

Ellie: Decorative stools and ottomans are great because you could use them as coffee tables or tuck them away when you're not entertaining.  I'm also really big on acrylic accessories and furniture- if you can see through them the room will automatically feel larger. 

via Decoist

via Decoist

via Decoist

via Heincker Design
via Heincker Design

Ellie: Small spaces are not synonymous with dull spaces. Go wild! With bold colors, whimsical wallpaper, colorful accessories, and a lot of organization you will bring your home to life.

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