May 17, 2012

Indian Inlay

I've always drooled over inlay furniture at ABC Home and Wisteria but was never willing to pay the high price. Then one of my favorite DIY design bloggers, Jenny  from Little Green Notebook, posted this amazing project where she painted inlay on her daughter's dresser.  The results are beyond amazing but my hand isn't steady enough and I don't have as much patience as Jenny so I knew that would never happen.  Tonight, I was on another favorite blog, 4 Men 1 Lady, and found out about a great stencil website, Cutting Edge Stencils.  Which is where I found the Indian Inlay Furniture Stencil by HGTV's Kim Myles.   I feel a project coming on...
via Wisteria

via ABC Home

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  1. Jamie -thanks for visiting my blog. Love your concepts. You can purchase the hardware at my e commerce site (just click the shop tab at the top of my blog). They're currently still in production so you will notice everything says "out of stock". I'll probably be accepting orders in mid June, but at least you can take a look. Hope that helps! couldn't find your email address. Feel free to sign up for my mailing list too.