April 24, 2012

Making a Rental Feel Like Your Home

Rental apartments pose challenges.  Renters can't paint walls, floors or cabinets (unless they are willing to repaint back to the original color in haste before moving on to their next casa-- not ideal). They can't switch out the stained linoleum kitchen floor for some amazing tiles.  Basically, as we all know since we have all been there, renters just don't have the freedom to make their space feel perfectly like... their home.  Or do they? Here are some methods and inspirations to combat the challenges of rental apartment living.

Challenge no. 1: The Ubiquitous White Walls

Let your white walls inspire your color scheme.

White walls act as an amazing blank slate for creative and colorful decor.  Use artwork, accessories, and furniture to add the color you are craving. 

Layer on the white.

Challenge no. 2:  Windows Lacking Personality and Privacy

Check out these amazingly affordable options that will do the trick without breaking your piggy bank.  

Heat Control Light Window Film from Home Depot.  Best to use if you have a great view.  Great mixed with sheer drapes.

These affordable Solid Drape Shades come in an array of colors. Of course the Ivory shown here is my favorite since I'm all about the beach vibe.

Ikea Roman Shades mixed with Ikea Curtains complete the look.
Challenge no. 3:  Limited Storage Space

Clothing Closet: 

Acrylic Shelf Dividers

The perfect, uber space saving hangers
Great for the floor in your closet or for your mudroom (I have one in mine)

Challenge no. 4:  An Unworthy Kitchen

Amazing storage DIY
Hide your hateful kitchen floors with your favorite rug.  The ones pictured above are from Dash and Albert.  It's best to use Indoor/Outdoor rugs for durability.
Amazing kitchen, amazing article on thekitchn.com 
 I love how they instantly transformed the dated kitchen by removing the cabinet doors (creating an open shelving look) and by adding affordable vinyl stick on floor from Home Depot.

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