April 13, 2011

Project Family Room

via the little green notebook
via the little green notebook
I love this couch from this photo the dwellers without decorators posted this am via Lonny Magazine.
I LOVE the idea of surrounding the tv with photos like this! Love it!

After a long talk with my husband, which started pretty heated since I tried to sell an ABC Carpet and Home Oriental rug that we purchased right after we got married almost 6 years ago for $1,000 less then we paid (I didn't realize that the value goes up every year), I decided that he is right instead of looking for pretty interior pictures online for inspiration I should just go ahead and do a project already.
Our house is pretty empty and the first room we decided that needs work is the family room. Here are some before pics:

It's pretty obvious what the problems with the current look is... The lack of creativity, warmth, organization (which we are working on... basement is being worked on as we speak).  Since the rug is staying for now (although I think it would be better in the living room since it looks too small for this space- and it isn't the color scheme I am looking for...) I will find two different looks. One that will coordinate with the rug and one that will be a totally new design.

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