January 13, 2011

Painters aren't designers

At least the man who painted my house is not. Two suggestions he made over a year ago that still annoy me:

1. Some colors are just made for bedrooms (this is because I wanted to put a light blue on my living room walls)- I listened. How wrong he was! Check out this gorgeous light blue living room.  And all the other beauties that defy stuffing shockingly gorgeous colors in an upstairs room on my blog. 

Via bazaarofserendipity.blogspot.com, via DIY mag, via Alkmie
via www.bazaarofserendipity.blogspot.com

2. I should match my wall around my fireplace with my cherry wood furniture (that isn't even in that room and that I can't wait to either refinish or get rid of).  Check out these gorgeous fireplaces and how the coordinate perfectly with their surroundings without matching them.

via www.junkgardengirl.blogspot.com

via http://homes-designing.com/interior/interior-design/modern-interior-with-class-1/

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