October 24, 2010

In search of the perfect bedding...

The duvet cover that I have is light blue with red flowers, pottery barn, from 5, no almost 6 years ago.  I got it when I was engaged and was super excited and in love for sooo long.  Recently, I have been falling out of love.  First off, it is losing it's puffiness and well I'm getting really sick of it.  So I stored it away before the summer and have been using my summer quilt (Land's End, light blue and white stripes on one side and light blue and white plaid on the other) ever since.  Problem is that a. I am getting sick of the quilt also and b. my hubby is complaining that he is way too cold.  So his complaint was a green light for me to search for new bedding.  Here are some likes...

Dwell Studio on laylagrace.com

Dwell Studio on laylagrace.com
Matteo on laylagrace.com
Pine Cone Hill on laylagrace.com
For the last two duvets I would add a bright red throw to the edge of the bed and a bright red pillow.

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